The Larsen Tower: Preferred address in Sucat

East Bay Residences continues to transform the suburban landscape with this latest residential tower.

A vibrant enclave in Sucat gives you even more reasons to set your roots in this part of the metro.

East Bay Residences—a 9.7-hectare parcel of land formerly known as the Tribeca Private Residences—has seen a massive and remarkable transformation over the last several years, which made it one of few remaining premium residential areas in Muntinlupa City, offering that much sought suburban, laidback overtone in a secure, exclusive community.

Breathing life into the old

It was in 2014 when Rockwell Primaries started to breathe new life into the old Tribeca community, bringing Rockwell’s signature flair, opulence and lifestyle to Sucat.

A promising blueprint then envisioned a dynamic, mid-density community that espouses a warm, comfy and safe environment, replete with wide, generous expanse of greens and lush open spaces, groundbreaking designs, well appointed amenities, and comforts of modern conveniences.

The opening of the Central Amenity Deck started that series of transformations that overhauled this enclave. Residents here were given a one-hectare expanse housing choice amenities that offered more recreational options: swimming pools, a function room and fully equipped gym to cater to their social, lifestyle and wellness needs.

Future residents will be spoiled for choice with the diverse unit sizes being offered at The Larsen Tower

A new opportunity to own a home here came next, with the launch of East Bay Residences’ first residential condominium in 2016: The Fordham Tower, which featured large, spacious unit cuts to suit the needs of modern urban dwellers.

Further upping the ante was the addition of East Bay Retail Row which made “stepping out” of your home a truly pleasurable experience. Today, Starbucks Coffee, The Marketplace, a BDO branch and Suds Go offer the ease of having a grocery, coffee shop, a bank and laundry shop practically right out of your doorstep. And soon, more restaurants and lifestyle boutiques will provide a new level of convenience for residents.

Clearly, the vision has turned into a reality. East Bay Residences has not only redefined the cityscape in Sucat, but also brought the curated lifestyle of Rockwell in this thriving sanctuary.

Latest project

And just recently, Rockwell Primaries launched its second residential condominium here: The Larsen Tower, offering its future homebuyers another opportunity to indulge in the aspirational lifestyle of a Rockwell community. No doubt, The Larsen Tower will be a much welcome addition to this already vibrant community.

Prospective buyers will be spoiled for choice as The Larsen Tower offers diverse unit sizes to cater to a variety of lifestyles. It introduced one-bedroom units (with sizes up to 39 sqm) to suit a young professional’s needs for a home to call their own. Two- to three-bedroom units, with sizes ranging from 54 sqm to 107 sqm, offer bigger space for families, while three-bedroom garden units boast of having a dedicated parking space and terrace.

Upon its completion in 2024, future residents will get to fully enjoy the features of The Larsen Tower, among them would be the Sun Lounge, located on the ground floor, where one can welcome guests or find respite for themselves in the airy space.

This lounge leads to the expansive Central Amenity Deck, where residents may enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities. The clubhouse holds a function room for gatherings, while the gym, jogging path and lap pool would allow you to keep track with your fitness and wellness goals. A kiddie pool and the great lawn offer lush spaces where families and friends can spend quality time.

East Bay Retail Row makes “stepping out” of your home a truly pleasurable experience.
The Central Amenity Deck affords residents the space to relax.

Future residents will also get to readily enjoy the convenience offered by East Bay Retail Row as this commercial strip is already open and filled with shops for your everyday needs. Add to that East Bay Residences’ prime location, which is just within driving distance from key destinations, institutions and establishments.

Indeed, The Larsen Tower only gives you more reasons to choose the southern part of the metro for your suburban home, with more spaces to explore and amenities to enjoy, and that comforting Rockwell promise of security, convenience and an enhanced lifestyle.



At The Larsen Tower, home can feel like luxury

The latest addition to the East Bay Residences, The Larsen Tower is a residential building that has all the makings of a hotel.

Where we live and how we interact with our homes constitutes a great deal of what brings happiness and comfort into our lives. If we could get a chance to choose anywhere we live, the best option would always be one that provides not only a roof over our heads but also amenities that promote recreation and a friendly environment. And of course, no one can go wrong with a balcony overlooking a scenic view.

That’s exactly what Rockwell Primaries has done with its latest addition to East Bay Residences called The Larsen Tower. The 20-story tower located in Sucat, Muntinlupa, provides the secure space that Rockwell is known for. Being in a close-knitted neighborhood, it’s surrounded by a commercial strip of establishments such as Starbucks, Marketplace, BDO and many other services and restaurants. Schools and business districts are also just a short drive or even walk away from it. 

One of the best things about this new tower is that it takes into consideration the different lifestyles of people. It’s not just an array of identical square rooms that exude that monotonous energy. Rather, its spaces leave room for creativity and self-expression. If you’re a single young professional, there’s a 39-sq.m one-bedroom unit that you could have all to yourself. For growing families or barkadas, they offer two- to three-bedroom garden units ranging from 54 to 107 sq.m.

Although staying indoors can be the peak of comfort for some, going out for fresh air and exercise is something that’s just as valuable. The Larsen Tower made sure to provide for the health and wellbeing of its residents with the expansive Central Amenity Area. Inside, there’s a clubhouse that can be used as a function room for gatherings. For physical wellness, there’s a fitness gym, jogging path and lap pool, giving you no reason to skip out on exercise.

The Larsen Tower doesn’t just stop at comfort within its space; it ultimately aims to enhance the lifestyle of its residents by giving them thoughtfully-designed areas with valuable amenities that make every day feel like a staycation in a hotel by reducing hassles in your daily routines. Here, convenience is key, and building a home at a place like this could be the start of a more stress-free and active life, which leads to one thing everyone aspires for: happiness.



Marie Kondo-Style Interior Design Ideas for Your New Home

Interior Design Ideas for Your New Home: Marie Kondo-Style

After the tedious but rewarding process of securing the deal on your new condo unit, here comes the most exciting part: designing your precious space. Time to “spark joy” in your living space with the KonMari Method™.

The Tidying Expert 

Photo courtesy of

Marie Kondo became a tidying consultant at age 19 while she was still a student at the University of Tokyo. When her published book became a #1 New York Times Bestseller, Marie’s following really took off. She was featured in various magazines including Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times and Vogue Magazine. With her successful Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo and her best-selling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up; Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method™, became even more popular on a global scale this year. (1) The clamor to get rid of the clutter inspired a lot of people to follow Marie Kondo’s style of tidying up.

We want to help you design your own home using philosophies from  Marie Kondo’s method. Here are some interior design ideas on planning your home’s overall aesthetic. The basic philosophy lies in the intention of the design and not on the size of the space. Time to wear your designer hat and take note of these interior design concepts made to spark joy for you and your family as you create your dream home. 

TIP#1 Keep belongings that you love and only retain items that “SPARK JOY” for you
Joy is the most essential element of the KonMari Method™. She emphasizes how important it is to know what brings happiness and value at the same time. 

With this core principle, getting rid of accumulated belongings through time will be easier. Now, you don’t have to declutter mindlessly. You can look and feel each item in your home, and decide if it is worth keeping or if it’s due for donation or disposal. 

As shared by San Francisco–based designer Jessie Black on her feature in Business of Home website, she followed the KonMari Method™ in her own home. She fell in love with the idea of feeling good and happy by only  keeping things that spark joy for us. (3)

Being surrounded by items that bring you joy improves your overall sense of well-being. From a design perspective, you get the perfect reason to dispose and minimize accumulated items in your home. This way, you can have more breathing space for furniture, appliances, and relevant pieces that support your current priorities and lifestyle.

Tip#2 Categorize the cleaning and do it per item group, not by location.
With the KonMari Method™, tidying is done by category – not by location – beginning with clothes,  followed by books, paper, komono (miscellaneous items), and, finally, sentimental items. (2) Cleaning up for items in our storage boxes, cabinets and garage can now be approached in a sensible and effective manner.  From a design perspective, it helps in marrying functionality with aesthetics. It is important to be able to enjoy a home not just visually but also practically by having ample storage spaces for different items. 

Tip#3 Imagine your ideal lifestyle and focus on designing a home that supports it

Buying a home is a significant life milestone and it is crucial to consider your current status along with your future goals and aspirations to find a fit that supports both. 

As shared by the KonMari method, we are not tidying up or designing a place to look neat for a moment. It is a commitment. Thinking of it as a short-term task makes it tedious to execute and hence, unsustainable. New homeowners and those who have been living in their space for quite some time are encouraged to pause and evaluate the life they aspire to live. Marie Kondo believes that the home must serve a purpose and this is to support the ideal lifestyle of the people living in it. To put it in design perspective, we are encouraged to think about our preferred ways of living. 

For families with children, it is best to design your space to support communal activities and quality time. Getting a cozy 5-seater couch is better than getting separate 2-seater and 1-seater couches even if it is the trend or even if it looks stunning on your visual pegs. This goes with all the areas of the home. If cooking for your family sparks joy for you, create a space that will support this passion. Invest in cutlery and cabinetry and organize your kitchen in an excellent manner. Allot time, energy, and resources to parts of the home that support your dream lifestyle. 

Tip#4 Quality Over Quantity

The KonMari method advocates mindful and intentional living. With the height of consumerism encouraging people to achieve the short-term satisfaction of having more, we keep on accumulating things to keep up and to not miss out. 

As a design tip, always stick to quality items. In choosing pieces of furniture and fixtures for your home, consider longevity of each item. It is better to get one quality item rather than hoarding three or more pieces that compromise quality. Curate your home with value in mind and clutter will eventually clear up. We can break our habit of mindless accumulation through strategic design practices. Having this insight in mind, you can start creating a space that is simplified but purposeful, and most of all, a home that sparks joy, which is the heart of KonMari Method™.

Creating a Home That Sparks Joy
After reviewing your current lifestyle and doing all the necessary decluttering, you are ready for the design process. The beauty in having spacious units is that it gives you more room for design. 

For those who value quality, East Bay Residences by Rockwell Primaries provides a spacious home where you can enjoy the Rockwell lifestyle. This Rockwell Primaries property inspires families, young couples and single professionals living in Sucat, Muntinlupa to celebrate their best life in a laid-back atmosphere with wide open spaces and lush landscapes. 

East Bay’s Two Bedroom Prime Living Room

Rockwell Primaries’ East Bay Residences located at East Service Rd, Muntinlupa, 1771 Metro Manila has diverse unit selections. It boasts the prestige and trusted quality of a Rockwell development, perfect for families and individuals wanting to go home to a community where there’s more room to grow. Practice the KonMari insights as you design your space at East Bay Residences. For more information, you may visit



8 Signs that the Property You’re Eyeing Is the Right One

There’s more to it than a gut feeling.

Home and lifestyle magazines and dreamy real estate commercials all say that nothing beats the joy of owning your own home. And while the line rings true, investing in a residential space can be overwhelming given the plethora of available options.

According to licensed real estate broker Erika Recomite, buying a home is an exciting milestone that comes with both its upsides and challenges. Erika recently made her first investment in Rockwell Primaries’ 9.2-hectare enclave, East Bay Residences, and now she’s sharing some tips on what to consider when purchasing a residential space.

Proximity to commercial and lifestyle hubs

When living in the city, being near your workplace and lifestyle establishments couldn’t be understated. As someone who lives in the South, Erika shares that she was lucky to find a residential development within the city but also a good distance from all the hustle and bustle. Given the increasing traffic congestion, finding a good location that offers both convenience and tranquility is important.

Greenery and lush open spaces

Not only do green spaces improve one’s mental well-being, but they also provide residents a place to jog, play sports, or even just take leisurely walks while also allowing them to breathe in fresh air. Erika shares, “I love to jog, but it’s so difficult to find green spaces in Manila nowadays. East Bay Residences offers open, spacious greenery with its vast estate.”

Dynamic amenities for leisure

One of the major advantages of living in a curated community is the accessibility to amenities that would have otherwise been out of reach. According to Erika, the one thing you should ask yourself when scouring for your dream home is whether it will improve your overall lifestyle, and this includes a good work–life dynamic. Picture spending weekends breaking a sweat at the gym or taking a dip in glistening pools, all within a stone’s throw away from one another.

Future developments
Erika suggests that it’s good to keep in mind and consider the upcoming infrastructures and other developments in the area to know the opportunities for growth.

Good developer profile
Given the high-value investment in real estate, home-seekers should study the developer’s profile, including the quality of the materials they use, what kind of loan services they offer, feedback from their previous customers, and their project history“Rockwell is generous in their quality and design, not compromising luxury for young professionals,” Erika shares.

Can be used for investment
Landed properties can be a good investment for capital appreciation in the long run. On the other hand, trusted developers that use premium finishes generate high yields. This is where East Bay Residences comes in.

Conveniently located in Sucat, Paranaque, East Bay Residences, Rockwell Primaries’ first residential property on the south side of Metro Manila, seamlessly blends comfort and convenience at prices within your reach.

Aside from offering spacious residential units with two to four bedrooms, perfect for families looking for a laidback sanctuary every day, East Bay Residences features a Retail Row, with a selection of commercial establishments, and a Central Amenity that spans almost a hectare. This interesting mix of spaces lets people do everything in one area; for example, residents can pop into Starbucks before they head for the pools or the gym or step out for the day.

More exciting things are brewing in this community, East Bay Residences continues to build more vibrant experiences for its residents, while catering to every need.