Excellent vantage point for a starter home

Up until she tied the knot, Charise Lara Alvaro would spend hours on the road every day just to get to her office Marikina where she lives with her family. Charise works with an international corporate and investment bank in Bonifacio Global City.

Now Open at East Bay Retail Row: The Marketplace

Known for their repertoire of curated items, thoughtfully-designed stores, and excellent brand of service, The Marketplace is bringing its premium grocery shopping experience to the South of the Metro with the opening of their newest branch, conveniently located in East Bay Residences — their first in Muntinlupa City.

With carefully-curated items suited to customers’ tastes, you’ll find an extensive range of international and gourmet selections. Like the rest of their stores, The Marketplace at East Bay carries choice cuts of meat, a selection of delectable premium cheeses from all over the world, as well as an internationally-acclaimed wine selection that’s perfect for those fond of hosting dinner parties or for those who are just a little extra with their home-cooked meals.

From fresh organic produce and cooking essentials to high quality deli treats, you’ll find everything you need just a few steps away from home.

Visit The Marketplace at East Bay Retail Row, open daily from 9AM-10PM.

For more information, log on to https://www.facebook.com/EastBayResidencesbyRockwellPrimaries/ or visit https://rockwellprimaries.com.ph/projects/east-bay-residences/

Source: http://modernliving.ph/now-open-east-bay-retail-row-marketplace/

Excellent vantage point for a starter home

Up until she tied the knot, Charise Lara Alvaro would spend hours on the road every day just to get to her office Marikina where she lives with her family.  Charise works with an international corporate and investment bank in Bonifacio Global City.

Up until she tied the knot, Charise Lara Alvaro would spend hours on the road every day just to get to her office in Taguig, all the way from Marikina where she lives with her family.  Charise works with an international corporate and investment bank in Bonifacio Global City.

“Traveling to and from Marikina already eats up your time because it usually takes 4 hours back and forth, and considering the traffic jam in the area, travel can take around 3 hours to half day of your schedule, depending on how heavy the traffic is,” she related.

It was particularly trying for Charise, especially when paydays would coincide with Fridays and malls would hold clearance sales.  That meant more people are out on the road which meant even more crippling traffic. Charise would find her planned activities getting delayed, no thanks to traffic jams.

Weekends for the couple means spending quality time treating themselves to good food and meeting up with friends and family.  “I either cook in the comfort of our home or dine out for special occasions or celebrations. Good food will always cheer up your tired body and liven up your soul after a busy day or for the coming week ahead,” Charise said.

Now that she’s married, Charise and her husband Yuri currently divides their time between Makati, where they stay during weekdays to be nearer their respective places of work, and Marikina, where they go home to during weekends.  “I usually have my travel time around 30 to 40 minutes going to and from work as compared to my travel time before which takes up to 4 hours a day,” she shared.

As a newly-wed couple, Charise and Yuri wanted to invest in a property they can call their own.  A home that is not only accessible but will, more importantly, serve as their foundation in building their family and future.

Like most couples looking for a starter home, the Alvaros considered numerous factors while scouting the metro for their own.  One primary reason, however, stood out from the others and this is location.

“My husband wouldn’t like to go and live outside Metro Manila,” said Charise.

“It is a must for me to monitor the day to day operations of our branches,” explained Yuri, who co-owns Secure Storage Services, a personal and business storage rentals provider which caters to small and medium-sized enterprises.  Yuri’s office is in San Juan City.

When traveling within the metropolis consumes a huge chunk of your daily schedule and compromises even your personal life, it is only natural to pick an address that will give you ease of access not only to your place of work but also to things that matter like bonding with friends and family.

“We eyed on The Vantage mainly because it is located near The Fort, BGC, where my current work is.  It is also nearby the Pasig business district and there are numerous schools near The Vantage,” Charise said.

The Vantage is Rockwell Primaries’ offering in Kapitolyo, Pasig.  It features two high-rise residential towers at a prime location that is at the center of four major business districts: Ortigas, Mandaluyong, Makati and BGC.  It is within close proximity to the main offices of local and international companies, malls and renowned educational institutions.

“We were referred to The Vantage in Kapitolyo and found more choices in terms of the unit sizes, offering much larger units compared to other developers in the real estate industry,”  Charise shared. “We decided to purchase a unit because it is practical and convenient for the both of us.” The couple purchased a spacious 72 sqm two-bedroom unit and they are planning to use the second bedroom for their future child.

Living at The Vantage will surely complement the couple’s love for food, with the vertical village being situated in Pasig’s trendy food and lifestyle hub, Kapitolyo.  The building’s amenities, meanwhile, include a fitness gym and a swimming pool, perfect for Yuri and Charise whose day to day routine includes hitting the gym and going for a swim to exercise.  Yuri is eagerly awaiting making the most of The Vantage’s amenities since it their family would not have to go far, even for recreational activities.

Aside from convenience, the Rockwell brand’s good property management, high level security within its premises and better unit sizes are also what prompted the couple to choose The Vantage over other developments in the area.

Charise is looking forward to achieving that work-life balance at their future community at The Vantage.  “Since the site is perfectly located near BGC and other business districts within the metro, going to and from work is much easier and convenient.  Most importantly, we will be spending more quality time with our loved ones after a busy day at work without compromising our security and safety needs,” she concluded.

Source: https://business.inquirer.net/256141/excellent-vantage-point-starter-home

Anina Rubio: A New Space For Creativity

Artist Anina Rubio had been working in a corporate office for a big telecom company for a little over three years, when she finally felt the need to seek new opportunities. She was looking for a renewed sense of purpose and passion, which she did find after picking up the paint brush and falling in love with the smooth, relaxing strokes of calligraphy.

“My art is not only expressive, it’s also a form of healing for me,” she begins. “On some days, when I get frustrated, instead of lashing out that negative energy, I paint. Might as well convert that negativity into something beautiful, right?” she says in her blog. And this is what she’s been doing over the years; channeling all of her thoughts and emotions and transforming them into something beautiful that all can appreciate.

From simply doing “art” as a hobby, the 32-year-old former engineer has now embraced it as a calling and has allowed her passion to grow. From calligraphy, her art has evolved to watercolor, acrylics, mural painting and now even installation art. Her imagery—a wonderful and whimsical mix of botanicals, letters and prints—is romantic and nostalgic, but it always aims to send a message. “With my current projects, I’m trying to raise awareness and encourage people to take a more active role in protecting and taking care of the environment. My work, in that sense, is very personal and serves a purpose, too,” she says.

As an artist who works in solitude for hours on end, she has very specific needs when it comes to her creative space and process. “For me as an artist, though I love the thrill of new adventures, and though I’m sometimes drawn to uproot and move, I think it’s very important to have your own space. I think everyone can relate to the fact that at the end of the day, you just want a place you can call your own.”

Anina’s home has always been the bustling neighborhood that is Kapitolyo. With the dynamic food choices and strategic location, it’s easy to see why the vibrant area suits the free-spirited artist’s lifestyle. Even her new home, The Vantage by Rockwell Primaries, is found within the cozy community.

Not only does The Vantage offer a sense of familiarity and community, it also offers her stability and the creative space to grow as an artist. “I love the neighborhood, it really feels like home. I can go around my bike freely – to the mall, grocery store, restos,” she adds. “On the other hand, when it comes to my unit, I appreciate how the layout is very generous and there’s a balcony where I can view the sunrise. I’m looking forward to seeing that every day.”

While situated in the homey neighborhood of Kapitolyo, The Vantage delivers the signature Rockwell lifestyle, one that promises security, exclusivity and elevated city living. In addition to the beautiful views of the sunset and the city (which you can also admire from the development’s Sky Deck), The Vantage also boasts several amenities that help you to achieve work-life balance in the bustling city.

For families, there’s an expansive kid’s play area, a swimming pool and fitness gym for those who want to get into a healthier lifestyle, and function rooms and meeting rooms for gatherings. For professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers or even artists like Anina, The Vantage becomes the ideal home.

“Even if I am carefree, owning something very tangible is a sign of maturity and adulting,” laughs Anina. “For me, whether or not I’m going to live here in the long run—there are so many things that can happen in three years—I think The Vantage is perfect for me in this specific phase of my life. Plus, it’s an incredibly good investment.”

Whether it’s to be a space for her work, a place that she can come home to, or a property for lease in the coming years, The Vantage gives Anina Rubio the flexibility and freedom to live the life—and future—she chooses.

To check out Anina Rubio’s works, visit www.aninarubio.com

Source: https://metro.style/living/home/3356/anina-rubio-a-new-space-for-creativity

Delectable food and therapeutic activities to nourish the soul

Both guests and residents will have the perfect opportunity to kick back and unwind in East Bay Residences’ Sunday Feasts this July.

They don’t call it a feast for nothing: Start things
off with delicious sausages from Three Guys and
a Grill or zesty chicken wings from Super Lemon.
To awaken the senses, sip on Filipino cold brew coffee of Zip Sup Cold Brew or enjoy the chocolate-covered waffles from Gaufre. Other delicious food choices include Pop’s Pop’s Lumpianiza, Mad Dough and Black Wagyu.

For the fitness enthusiasts, Flow Retreats hosted several fitness and wellness activities with an exciting twist on July 15. Located in East Bay’s spacious Central Amenity, guests enjoyed a relaxing class of yoga with essential oils in the well-equipped gym, Pound Rockout Workout and African Dance by the clear blue swimming pools, and music meditation in the expansive Function Room, and more. On July 29, sign up for a fun yet challenging Pilates class by Move with Options.

To de-stress, workshops like Watercolour Succulents by Life After Breakfast and Crystal Healing will be available.

Source: https://modernliving.philstar.com/delectable-food-therapeutic-activities-nourish-soul/

This New Retail Destination Adds More Color to Kapitolyo’s Vibrant Neighborhood

(SPOT.ph) Kapitolyo has been known as a foodie haven for years. Dozens of well-loved restaurants and cafés call the neighborhood their home. But did you ever wonder why there’s a scarcity of retail spots in the area?

The Vantage Gallery is a three-storey development that offers a nook of respite to a neighborhood that’s more popularly known as a gustatory destination. This new retail destination gives regulars—and first-timers—another reason to visit and explore Kapitolyo.

So here’s what we know about The Vantage Gallery so far: it’s a pocket of the Rockwell Lifestyle in Kapitolyo that offers well-loved pop-up brands, a classic coffee shop, and an actual home, giving regulars and first-timers another reason to visit and to explore the area.

The first Rockwell development houses retail stores, where singular brands like Seek the Uniq will open pop-up stores for a limited time. Here, you will find exclusive fashion and lifestyle items and discover colorful, creative brands that are bound to become quick favorites. 

After shopping, you may head on over to the second level and chill with a cup of coffee at UCC Clockwork Café. The café has an al fresco area where you and your friends can relax amidst all the bustle of the city. The interior of the shop offers a dynamic space for people who just want to kick back and take things slow. Choose a variety of coffee creations crafted from all over the Philippines and all around the globe. You can have your coffee done using the pour-over method (single origin) or the syphon method (blends). They also offer a wide selection of delectable dishes. We recommend the Japanese Pancake Waffle (P190) and the Crabby Fatty Omurice (P350). 

In addition to being a well-curated retail space, The Vantage Gallery also offers a home to people who want to experience a vibrant and cozy lifestyle in Kapitolyo. On the third level, The Vantage Gallery showcases a two-bedroom model unit of The Vantage, the newest Rockwell condominium that is set to rise in the vibrant Kapitolyo neighborhood.

The Vantage at Kapitolyo is a two-tower, mixed-use development with a 36-story residential unit where homeowners can expect an upscale living experience in a vibrant urban landscape. The first two levels will have retail shops, and the 7th floor will house an amenity deck that will feature an adult pool, kiddie pool, lawn play area, a courtyard, function room, fitness studio, fitness studio deck, and meeting room. This Rockwell development will also feature landscaping with terraces, a courtyard, and a boardwalk. 

If you enjoy the Rockwell lifestyle, you can finally get to experience it in Kapitolyo once The Vantage Gallery is complete. Drop by The Vantage Gallery to shop, dine, and get a glimpse of the unique Rockwell lifestyle that you can enjoy at The Vantage.


Elevating lifestyle in Kapitolyo

Future residents can look forward to the famed Rockwell lifestyle at The Vantage in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

It’s all about the life well lived.

Tucked within the bustling Kapitolyo food scene in Pasig is a small, cozy destination offering a unique vantage point on what the famed Rockwell lifestyle is all about.

The Vantage Gallery—the newest destination in this fave melting pot of food and novelty shops—is a lifestyle hub with three floors, offering pieces and elements that have become synonymous to the exclusive Rockwell lifestyle.

Here, people can curate their own lifestyle journey whether through coffee and food, or lifestyle home and fashion pieces, or a vision of their new home made by Rockwell.

This vertical village, for one, is home to brands you’d see at Rockwell developments, such as Seek The Uniq where you can find chic, unique, and carefully edited retail pieces, as well as artisan made accessories and home furnishings. A pop up shop of Seek The Uniq can be found at the first floor.

Go one flight up and you have a UCC Clockwork Cafe with an al fresco area, where you can easily indulge in your coffee and sweet cravings. Another floor up and a two-bedroom model unit of The Vantage will allow you to visualize what your future home may be like.

Easily, all three floors at The Vantage Gallery paint a fresh new lifestyle that can be had in Kapitolyo, while offering a glimpse of your future home. It’s a showcase of how you can enjoy the quaint vibe of this Pasig community, while you revel in Rockwell’s signature brand of exclusivity and security.

And just a few steps away from this vertical village will rise The Vantage, where you can soon fully savor the good life.

This high-rise development will feature two towers which, as with the other Rockwell projects, also offer a menu of “pluses”, from its strategic location and accessibility, exceptional amenities, exclusivity, and flexible residential units designed to cater to the demands of an urban lifestyle.

Located at the corner of West Capitol Drive and United Street in Pasig, The Vantage is the  perfect home for regular foodies who grew up in Kapitolyo, city dwellers, young professionals and couples, and starting families who are looking for a home in the city that would support their desire for holistic, dynamic work-life synergy.

Like The Vantage Gallery, The Vantage itself is strategically located at the heart of four major central business districts: Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas, Mandaluyong and Makati. It is also near the Rockwell Business Center, as well as other leisure and major shopping centers.

Indeed, in this flourishing part of the metro, Rockwell will surely make its mark anew, as it seeks to add more allure to the suburban vibe exuded by this locale.

Just as The Vantage Gallery offers a breath of fresh air within the busy, thriving restaurant scene in Kapitolyo, The Vantage will similarly provide future residents a fresh taste, a new perspective of the high life that is distinctly and uniquely Rockwell.

To know more about how The Vantage Gallery is transforming Kapitolyo, call 0917-111-VNTG.

3 Reasons Why the Suburban South is the Perfect Location for a Family Home

With the growing need for comfortable living spaces located in less congested areas, living in a tranquil community within the urban jungle is considered a rarity. Because of your tiring daily routine, you tend to put a premium on the simple joys of a stress-free day: savoring a well-blended cup of coffee in the morning, spending an eventful day at work, and coming home to a scrumptious dinner with your loved ones. This carefree and peaceful lifestyle can be achieved in a community as harmonious as southern Metro Manila. 

Here is a list of the reasons why the south is a great location for growing families:

1. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Enjoy the advantages of urban living but in a more peaceful setting. Instead of sitting for hours in a car to get from one place to another, enjoy Saturday brunch with friends or family dinners on Sunday in top-notch restaurants without having to travel very far. Having a balanced lifestyle is achievable when precious time doesn’t go to waste.

Enjoy relaxing weekends in the south in a community like East Bay Residences.

2. It’s close to vacation spots.

The south serves as a gateway to picturesque vacation spots and must-see destinations in the neighboring region of Calabarzon. From the sunny beaches of Batangas, breezy farms of Tagaytay, to the hot springs of Laguna, the south provides urbanites a respite that’s only a few kilometers away.

Spend weekends in the sunny beach of Laiya, Batangas.

3. It’s a rising retail and dining destination.

Nestled along Sucat Road, East Bay Residences will soon be home to top retail establishments, restaurants, and cafes. Starbucks is the first to open at the Retail Row.

Begin mornings in East Bay Residences with a delicious cup of coffee from Starbucks.

With more developments to come to East Bay Residences, southerners looking to unwind will have more options that are just a few steps away from home. With the Central Amenity almost a hectare in size, residents can enjoy a warm cup of coffee before a cool swim in the main pool or a quick workout in the well-equipped gym.

Living in the south allows residents to enjoy the best of both worlds: leading a more relaxing lifestyle while being near both city and nature. East Bay Residences offers the ideal combination of Southern charm and suburban living, so families can have a harmonious space to call home.

Source: https://www.realliving.com.ph/real-estate/neighborhoods/3-reasons-why-the-suburban-south-is-the-perfect-location-for-a-family-home-adv-con-pr

The Ease Of Living In Kapitolyo

In this day and age, both distance and location have become a crucial factor when adapting an efficient daily routine. Because of the growing factors that affect travel time in the city, the gravity of finding the perfect work-life balance is heavily prioritized when time on the road can be better utilized. Fortunately, there are select neighborhoods that make room for self-sustaining communities, bringing convenience to the area as opposed to having to travel for it.

Tucked away in the melting pot that is Kapitolyo, Rockwell Primaries offers its first vertical development for families that search for convenient city-living. Situated at the heart of the four Central Business Districts (CBDs), The Vantage at Kapitolyo proves to be a strategic location that caters to families that search for convenience, safety, and accessibility. And despite the urbanized lifestyle, The Vantage is designed to be a home for families who search for the Rockwell signature way of living.

At the Amenity Deck, families can enjoy the comfort of lush greeneries, spacious boardwalks, and sprawling lawns. Mornings can be spent by the pool or on the treadmill of the fully-equipped gym and fitness studio. Afternoons can also consist of browsing the retail complex with carefully curated outlets, reminiscent of that ‘hole-in-the-wall’ retail concepts that have sprouted in the Kapitolyo area. These dynamic features combat the resurfacing drawback that is rush hour traffic, considering that everything is now within reach.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, The Vantage serves as a home for families who value both quality time and modern convenience. Fridays can consist of eating in the delectable food hubs of Kapitolyo after work or lounging in the nearby coffee shops, proving that time on the road can instead be time well-spent with the people who matter.

Know more about how Rockwell is transforming Kapitolyo by visiting www.rockwellprimaries.com.ph or calling 828-8888

Promising Blueprint

As if it were designed by nature A cursory look at the latest development of Rockwell Primaries in the southern part of the metro shows a promising blueprint for what will soon be an even more bustling community that will thrive in a wide, generous expanse of green and an exclusive, safe and gated mid-density environment, replete with design innovations that will bring the feel of the outdoors inside your building, as well as comprehensive on-ground amenities.

East Bay Residences is indeed well poised to be your much sought sanctuary in the south that can afford you that laidback, suburban feel while allowing you to still enjoy the comforts of modern conveniences. Add to that the company’s unique trademark of groundbreaking design, topnotch standards, and of course, the signature Rockwell lifestyle.

Rockwell Primaries, a subsidiary of the Lopez-led Rockwell Land Corp., aptly summates it into five main reasons how and why East Bay Residences should be at the top of your list as you scout for your next dream home.

  1. For families who value Southern living

At least in this part of the metro, there remains enough room to allow one to bask in sprawling open spaces where families, friends and neighbors can converge to spend some quality time to bond, nurture relationships, and foster stronger community ties. What further takes it a notch higher is the fact that East Bay Residences boasts of 60 percent open spaces and greenery, replete with expansive on-ground amenities that will cater to the social, lifestyle and wellness needs of the residents. Among its amenities include pools, a gazebo, pavilions, the Great Lawn, a barbecue area, a playground, multipurpose courts and a jogging path.

2. Strategic location

One can never stress enough how important it is for a development to be in a strategic location. And in this case, East Bay Residences, located along East Service Road in Muntinlupa, may be offering the best of both worlds for its residents—key to a holistic, well balanced lifestyle.

For one, its distance from the bustling central business districts (CBDs) allows East Bay Residences to offer an alternative sanctuary, a breather for those who have grown weary of the metropolis turmoil. However, that distance is comfortable enough as these remain accessible for residents via major thoroughfares and soon-to-be completed infrastructure projects.

Scores of other establishments, villages, institutions, schools and universities, malls, entertainment complexes and churches are also nearby, some being a mere three to five minutes away.

3. Exclusive community

Similar to other Rockwell developments, East Bay Residences offers a secure and gated mid-density environment thus providing residents a sense of exclusivity. This pedestrianfriendly community also proves to be a safe haven that is highly conducive to raising families.

It pays of course, that East Bay Residences is backed by a reliable estate management that is Rockwell Property Management Corp. (RPMC)—a team that was primarily established to manage identified common areas outside the respective buildings to be shared with current and future towers of the development.

The team is responsible for the security outside of each building including the main gate, the open parking slots outside the building footprint, water supply of the towers, and waste disposal. It is also tasked to maintain the landscape of common areas outside of each towers, driveways and access roads, and the clubhouse and other amenities.

RPMC was also appointed as the building manager to manage the existing towers, including maintenance of common areas, landscaping, parking slots, and security within the building.

4. Retail Row

It pays to have a one-stop hub for “things to do” outside one’s home.

The proposed Retail Row, which will be outside the private residential development of East Bay Residences, will only add to the convenience of the residents. It will soon house a convenience store, a supermarket, a bank, other service-oriented establishments, and a number of new and exciting dining options.

5. Fordham Tower Rockwell

Primaries’ first residential tower within the East Bay Residences offers an innovative design as well as comfortable unit space layouts for families and individuals.

The 15-storey Fordham Tower, which sports a modern tropical feel, features a garden atrium, skylight at the roof deck, private bridge-ways and floating corridors that allow for passive cooling and natural ventilation throughout the building, thus bringing “the feel of the outdoors indoor.” Available units include a prime and junior two-bedroom, a three-bedroom, and garden bi-level.